Historical information

In WW2, this badge was issued to the nearest female relative, that has a service member abroad. Each star on the bar is for a serving member.
Badge A293587, was issued to GREEN, C. Of 'Morneve'. Leopold street, Kangaroo point, Inverloch, VIC. Her relationship is noted as (S) sister of Denis and (E) of Annie.
The two stars were for these Defence Force members:-
V315242. BOURKE, Denis Patrick. Discharged 1 APR 1946 of the 39 WORKS Coy.
VF389600. BOURKE, Annie Irene. Discharged 15 FEB 1946. Unit was Aust. Womens Army Service.

Physical description

A circular silver badge. Around the circumference are oak leaves. At the top is a Royal Crown. In the center of the badge is a map of Australia, which is surrounded by a leaf pattern. Between the two rings of leaves, are the words "to the Women of Australia". Suspended beneath the badge is a rectangular silver bar. On that bar are two gold stars.

Inscriptions & markings

On the rear is stamped the number A293587.