Historical information

One of the most common centre draft kerosene lamps one can find in the USA and Canada is the Rayo. Large and sturdy, simple to use, but also notorious for being a fuel hog.
This lamp was made by Bradley and Hubbard Metalworks in Chicago also Bradley and Hubbard made the “Perfection” brand lamps that look like the Rayo and are pretty much the same lamp with all parts interchangeable. The Rayo was given away to customers for free as a promotional item by the Standard Oil Company. The lamp’s huge appetite for fuel meant a hefty increase in sales of kerosene for the company and increased profits.
The Rayo is a classic centre draft lamp that uses a widely available tubular wick that measures 62mm flat. It employs a simple and reliable mechanism for securing wicks in the burner along with a brass tube with many small teeth at its end. The tube is attached to the toothed rack that’s moved up and down by the adjuster knob.


This type of lamp was used in most households and on rural properties before the introduction of electricity and is an early example of a promotional. The lamp was given away to customers of Kerosene oil as a means of increasing the Standard Oil Company sales of Kerosene during the late19th to early 20th century.

Physical description

Kerosene Lamp, side lifting arm to light.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscribed "Rayo" and "Made in the USA"