Historical information

The Peterborough Sandcastle competition has been running for at least 80 years. Wokka Moore was the first "Lady Mayoress", judge of the competition, who arrived with great ceremony using different means of transport over the years - always accompanied by a "Lady in Waiting". Traditionally, this was held on the Australia Day long weekend. Competition was divided into age groups, and the venue depended on whether the river was open or closed. (If it was open there is no sand on the Front Beach). Materials used could only be what was found on the beach.
Currently (2021) the Sandcastle Committee is calling for photos, memorabilia and details of winners from over the years.


This event has been running for a very long time , apparently uninterrupted. It is significant to the town because of its inclusive nature - there was high anticipation and planning by the children. The roles of Lady Mayoress and Lady in Waiting were keenly sought. Wokka Moore did the job for a long time then passed the baton. Others who were honoured over the years include Alec Calvert,

Physical description

eight posters of various sizes with hand drawn pictures, some with dates but not year of event.