Historical information

Bung borer are a class of tools that bore a tapered hole in a wooden barrel, cask or flask, the tool makes a graduated tapered hole called a bung hole. The bung that goes into the hole can be made from wood, rubber or cork to make a tight seal or a tap is used to dispense the liquid inside the barrel. Often two holes would be made the first in the middle of the barrel and its highest location when laying on its side, this is use to fill the barrel.
The second one, with the barrel now standing up, would be bored on one side of the head, near the rim, opposite the filling bung. That would be the one that would receive a tapered wooden or metal tap for dispensing liquid.
There have been many models of bung borer used, the age old pattern is of a simple tapered spoon, later more sophisticated models would appear to do the same job and over the years numerous types of design have been patented.


The subject item at this time cannot be associated with an historical event, person or place, provenance is unknown, item assessed as a collection asset as it is believed to have been produced before 1950.

Physical description

Bung borer threaded with wooden handle.

Inscriptions & markings