Historical information

A long coopers joiner plane is used to to shape the staves that form casks and kegs, with these types of plane reaching up to 180 cm in length.
Unlike other planes these are used when lying stationary with the sole uppermost (base). The cooper would push the stave along the upturned sole with the sole towards the cutter. Because of the long length, Cooper’s jointer's were often mounted on legs at the rear and angled at about 60 degrees, with the toe resting on the ground or rabbeted to fit into a floor cleat or bench.


A specialised tool used in the making of barrels, this type of tool has been used for many hundreds of years by coopers all around the world. It is a tool that has not changed in design during this time and is still used today by craftsmen in the making of wooden barrels for the storage of wines etc.
The subject item at this time cannot be associated with an historical event, person or place, provenance is unknown, item assessed as a collection asset as it is believed to have been produced before 1950.

Physical description

Coopers long Jointer Plane with large metal blade metal plate attached to front half.

Inscriptions & markings