Historical information

This object and the complete set of five items is believed to have been made in or around the Staffordshire area in the United Kingdom. Over 1500 pottery firms have operated in Stoke-on-Trent since the early 1700's - Some lasted only a few years and some for well over 200 years. Some potters built and owned their own works. Many others were tenants in works built by others and a succession of potters occupied the same works. It was also a common practice for a works to be split between two different pottery companies or for a larger manufacturer to let out a smaller section of his works to a potter who would make wares which were not of interest to the pot works owner.
Some potters purchased 'blanks' from other manufacturers and put their own decoration on them some items have two back stamps some have no marks at all. This adds to the confusion and frustration of trying to trace details of a particular manufacturer such as the subject item.


The subject item at this time cannot be associated with an historical event, person or place, provenance regards manufacturer is unknown, item assessed as a collection asset as it is believed to have been produced before 1950.

Physical description

Soap dish base cream ironstone & part of 4 piece set. (ewer, bowl, soap dish lid, vase)

Inscriptions & markings