Historical information

The letter is from the USA from “Sgt Vernon Phipps 20123125 HQ U.S.A. S.Os, C.W.S, APO 501”, Dated “Dec 20 1942”

Physical description

.1) letter, light fawn paper, has owners name in black print at top of page, “VERNON PHIPPS” and hand writing in blue ink, nothing on rear.
.2) Envelope, light fawn colour, front has red Australian Stamp with black postal stamp over, in bottom left a black circular stamp, “Passed by censor USA”, hand written address at top, rear also has “VERNON PHIPPS” in black print.

Inscriptions & markings

.1) Hand addressed to, “My Dear Mrs Guiney”, From “ With kindest regards to all, I am sincerely Vernon Phipps”
.2) Letter addressed to Mrs Greta Guiney 126 Sternberg St Bendigo Victoria”