Historical information

No. 1 Pipeline heads down the mountain from McKay Power Station (the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme) and can be seen from the Falls Creek Rd.. The pipeline is 1635m long. It was built on the mountain rather than as a tunnel inside the mountain - "It was argued that a pressure pipeline on the surface, while not actually cheaper than the tunnel could possibly save one year in construction time.'


The document is a report on the welding involved on the No. 1 pipeline. J. M. Scott was the welding inspector for the SECV on the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme. The book is produced by the SECV and is the 'Foremen's Guide' and includes rules and regulations across all areas.

Physical description

A) 10 pages of a 'field record' all pages typed on one side. Stapled on top left corner
B) Small, fat book c190 pages plus appendix. Thick and 'tattered looking'. Bound by flexible 'cloth?'(linen?) and fastened with 2 rusty fasteners.

Inscriptions & markings

B) Cover - F/M J. Scott and red SEC stamp. Inside cover: "checked ... 22-8-55" and "checked 18-11-55"