Historical information

This photograph is one of the first photos of golfing in Mt Beauty. It is dated 1948 and it pictures three high-profile Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme staff members having a hit of golf on a rudimentary course which was the fore runner to the beautiful golf course we enjoy today.
This photo may have been published in one of the SECV magazines.


Jack Giniff, Jack Ormerod and Lloyd Dunn were well known on the K.H.E.scheme. The photo shows how quickly community facilities were organised to provide sporting opportunities for the 4000+ workforce.

Physical description

Photo of 3 men playing golf copied from the original onto photo-quality paper in an enlarged form.

Inscriptions & markings

Hand written at the bottom of the photo: "Mount Beauty Golf Course 1948 (7th Fairway). This is now the 2nd Fairway. Fairway Avenue will run along - the fenceline on the left. Players: Jack Giniff, Jack Ormerod, Lloyd Dunn." Note: "Jack Andrews" crossed out.