Historical information

These 4 black and white photos are very clear and are of Bogong in the 1940s when the Kiewa Hydro electric Scheme was being constructed. Bogong was the first construction site.


Bogong was a township and construction site for the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme built by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. These photos in the early 1940s (during WW2) tell the story of fire, flood and living conditions with the inference of transport being horses in 1940 compared with its development in 1944.

Physical description

1. Tent camp at the 'Junction', Bogong 1940
2. Junction Dam September 1940: floodwaters over coffer dam
3. 'Reservoir' Camp with Bogong Stables in foreground, 1940
4. Junction Dam and Bogong village in August 1944
Each photo has string attached on the back with tape - for hanging

Inscriptions & markings

Sticker on the back of each photo: 'Framing/ Colour Magic / Shop 7, Lismore Central / Carrington Street, Lismore /
Phone (02) 6621 3289'