Historical information

These photos were collected and copied by Di Edmondson for the 'Back To Tawonga' Event in 2010 when she launched her book "Tawonga Remembers".


An historical photographic collection of Tawonga and its surrounds, places and people up to 2010

Physical description

1. Saw Mill - Mill house
2. The Rock Pool
3. People at the Rock Pool x 2
4.Old Saw mill
5. Back to Tawonga Celebrations x6
6. Tennis Curts opposite the Tawonga Store, Bakery in the background
7. Bowling Club
8. Old Guide Hall
9. The Old Boarding House
10. Old Fire Brigade Shed
11. Building the New Tawonga Memorial Hall
12. Tawonga Go Kart Track - 1960s
13. Tawonga Pony Club 1969 State Championships
14. Tawonga Recreation Reserve Newspaper article
15. The Damm Children
19. 1980s Brian Edmondson, Geoff Edmondson, Mick Harvey, David Piera. Geoff Edmondson's car
20. Tawonga Speedway Track - 1970s Mick Harvey and Paul Harkin's car
21. 2000
22. Tawonga Sports Vera Ryder and Allie Briggs
23. Tawonga School Photos x8
24. Harry Cooper's Farm Looking South
25.View from Edmondson's Farm - looking north
26. Mount Emu
27. St Aiden's Debutante Ball
27. Grand Opening Ball 1961 Tawonga Hall
28. The Kiewa Valley Road at Tawonga. Vic.
29. Tennis Courts opposite the Bogong Hotel
30.Opening of the new Toilet Block in Pioneer park
31. Old Tawonga Store x 3
32. Tawonga Memorial Hall
33. Anglican Church, St Aiden's x 2
34. Motor Khana held at Recreation reserve
35. 1970 State Champioships Team
36. Kiewa Valley School Sports at Dederang
37. Miscellaneous photos x27

Inscriptions & markings

Some photos have headings and some headings have been written