Historical information

This pair of silk split-leg drawers was handmade by Gladys Angus for her trousseau in 1929 when she married Dr. Angus. The design became popular in the mid-1800's and continued into the early 1900's. It is part of the W.R.Angus Collection and was donated to Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village by the family of Doctor William Roy Angus, Surgeon and Oculist.

The Collection that includes historical medical equipment, surgical instruments and material once belonging to Dr Edward Ryan and Dr Thomas Francis Ryan, (both of Nhill, Victoria) as well as Dr Angus’ own belongings. The Collection’s history spans the medical practices of the two Doctors Ryan, from 1885-1926 plus that of Dr Angus, up until 1969.

Dr Angus was the last Port Medical Officer in Warrnambool.


This garment is an example of the beautiful handmade clothing produced in Australian homes in the early 20th century.

The W.R. Angus Collection is significant for still being located at the site it is connected with, Doctor Angus being the last Port Medical Officer in Warrnambool.

The collection of medical instruments and other equipment is culturally significant, being an historical example of medicine from late 19th to mid-20th century. Dr Angus assisted Dr Tom Ryan, a pioneer in the use of X-rays and in ocular surgery.

Physical description

Lingerie, split-leg drawers, beige silk, handmade, with scalloped finish on legs and drawer string waist. Each leg is finished separately then drawn together at the waist by a ribbon drawer-string, with the legs overlapping slightly. It is part of the W.R. Angus Collection.