Historical information

• Well . . .things have been somewhat different by Jim Connor
• More Thoughts about COVID Experiences
o Wendy Wilson
o Kitty Green
o Rose Dumaresq
• Some short comments about COVID experiences
• Eltham Pool: Various Views
o Gayle Blackwood
o Frank Taylor
o Ann Constable
o Russell Yeoman
• Vale – Max Dimmack 1922-2020
• It Has Been Some Coincidence by Jim Connor
• Eltham Cemetery Stories by Richard Pinn
o Alistair Samuel Knox
o William Morris
• Contacts for the Eltham District Historical Society


The Shire of Eltham Historical Society was formed in October 1967. The first newsletter of the Society was issued May 1978 and has been published continuously ever since on a bi-monthly basis. With the cessation of the Shire of Eltham in late 1994, the Society's name was revised to Eltham District Historical Society and this name first appeared with issue No. 103, July 1995. The collection of the Society's newsletters provides a valuable resource on the history of the Society's activities, office bearers and committee members, guest speakers and subjects of historical interest pertinent to the former Shire of Eltham and the Eltham District.

Physical description

A4 newsletter distributed to members (Digital and A4 photocopy)