Historical information

This set of photos is from a leather bound album bearing the inscription "HUME RESERVOIR AUSTRALIA" plus 'The Rt. Hon. L. C. M. S. Amery, P. C., M .P.' all inscribed in gold. It was presented to The Rt. Hon. L. C. M. S. Amery, P. C., M. P, Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs on the occasion of his visit to the Hume Reservoir on 2nd November 1927.


This album is of local and national significance as it documents the planning and development of the Hume Reservoir up to 1927. It was the largest water reservoir in the British Empire. The album records the pioneering engineering work that went into its construction.

Physical description

29. View from Top of Tail Tower Pillar - Concrete Dam. This was taken from the top of the Tower described in the preceding photograph looking towards New South Wales. (WHS 00722) First is the part of the spillway being built inside the Coffer Dam, then over the Coffer Dam the submerged portion of the Spillway and outlet sections for the river diversion, beyond that the situation for the hydro-electric turbo passages bounded by the North Wing Wall. The gap may be seen in wing wall for the passage of the belt conveyor and half of the concrete mixer house behind. This gives a general view of the New South Wales Township. The Quarry is on the side of the hill showing up beyond the Township. New South Wales, August 1927.