Historical information

This set of photos is from a leather bound album bearing the inscription "HUME RESERVOIR AUSTRALIA" plus 'The Rt. Hon. L. C. M. S. Amery, P. C., M .P.' all inscribed in gold. It was presented to The Rt. Hon. L. C. M. S. Amery, P. C., M. P, Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs on the occasion of his visit to the Hume Reservoir on 2nd November 1927.


This album is of local and national significance as it documents the planning and development of the Hume Reservoir up to 1927. It was the largest water reservoir in the British Empire. The album records the pioneering engineering work that went into its construction.

Physical description

31. View from Top of Tail Tower Pillar - Earth Embankment, Victoria. This is a general view of the embankment which is being constructed by the Victorian Constructing Authority. The bank at its base is about 650 feet wide and it is about half its ultimate height. In the middle is the reinforced concrete core wall. At about the natural surface a tunnel for drainage and inspection purposes is built along the downstream side of the core wall but this cannot be seen. The Victorian workshops and township are located on the high ground beyond the embankment. The embankment curves round to the left at the side of the valley and will eventually block the gulley where the bushy tree stands. Access to one of the cuttings from which material is being got for the embankment is gained by means of this gulley at present. Part of another cutting may be seen on the right hand side at the back. August 1927.