Artists statement

'Home' is a symbol of hopes, dreams, comfort, love, family and future. It is both a place and an idea, nor does it remain in time and space. It can also represent a time of sadness , fear and loss.
Through the roller-coaster of the past year, I have used a series of homes belonging to family and friends. Each artwork of home tells a different story about its occupants, their story, and what home mean to them.

Historical information


Sarah has had a life-long love of creative arts and a passion for nature she has pursued in her career. She has a Bachelor Applied Science degree from Charles Sturt University, a Masters of Environment from University of Melbourne, and works in natural resource management and conservation.

Studying part time Sarah Canham completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Federation University Arts Academy in 2021. Her art is an expression of the awe she has for the natural world, and concerns for the future, including for our indigenous culture, and native flora and fauna in Australia. She also reflects on the current and past women and mother artists who have experienced the challenge of juggling art, career and motherhood, and have been under-represented in the arts community for millennia.

Physical description

Three handbuilt, slab construction, stoneware forms