Artists statement

My practice questions the definition of masculinity, from the position that there is more to the story than the mainstream narrative. My subjects consist of aesthetic beings seen through the lens of the classical principles of shape and form such as danseurs, youths, other ages and shapes. Sometiimes I have exculded faces to emphasize the interesting dynamic line unique to the male shape. Any symbols of sexual politics have been omitted, to concentrate on how the concept of maculinity pays alongside modern notions of beauty.

Historical information

Garth HORSFEILD (19 June 1970 - )
Born Ballarat, Victoria

Returning to study after a partially completed degree and pursuing art and music, Garth Horsfield returned to the Federation University Arts Academy where he completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2021.

Physical description

Portrait of a young man.

Mounting & framing

Stretched Canvas