Historical information


Laresa Kosloff makes performative videos, Super-8 films, hand-drawn animations, sculpture, installations and live performance works, all linked by an interest in the body and its agency within the everyday. Recurrent themes include humour and tension between received cultural values, individual agency and free will.

La Perruque won the 2018 Guirguis New Art Prize. ‘Laresa is a worthy winner having been dedicated to her practice over many years and creating a work that is intelligently structured and steeped in satire, epitomising what we all either know or experience at work or in office life. By her clever collaging of characters, editing and story adaptation, Laresa has created an impressive fictional and insightful work that by way of its very construction cleverly illustrates and articulates aspects of Australian culture,’ (Shelley Hinton, Curator Federation University’s Post Office Gallery)

Physical description

A USB and a portable hard drive in a black archival box with a signed certificate.

Her short film La Perruque is made entirely out of commercial stock footage, generic material produced for corporate advertising, which is strangely artificial, simplistic and loaded with images of success and productivity. Kosloff uses this footage to tell the tale of an office worker who is secretly trying to write a novel during work hours. The silent footage has been dubbed using voice actors and assembled into a story that subverts commercial representations of office life.

The title refers to a French term that translates into 'wearing the wig', used to describe a situation of secretly working on personal projects during work time.