Historical information

William Ridgway and Sons company of Sheffield, manufacturers of augers, bits, wood-boring, and motorising tools, was founded in 1878 and became a Private company in 1909, their factory was founded in the 1930s. William Ridgway Tools merged first with Record Tools in 1974 to form Record Ridgway Tools Ltd. Record was another Sheffield company that was renowned for the quality of their vices and industrial clamps. Following the merger Record, Ridgway Tools Ltd was made up of fourteen UK Companies and five overseas companies. A later merger with a woodwork tools company called Marple (which was part-owned by Record and Ridgway respectively before their original merger) led to the company becoming known as Record Marples Tools. Record Marples was taken over by the Swedish hardware manufacturer AB Bahco in 1982. Despite a management buyout leading to the company reverting to British ownership in 1985 the company struggled financially and the following administration was acquired by U.S.-based Irwin Tools in 1998 who has since moved production to China in recent years.


A vintage tool made in the 1930s when Ridgway began mass producing augers and other tools for export and sale. This item would have probably been used in Australia on a farm for drilling fence posts for wire to pass through or other tasks where a hole was required to be bored in timber.

Physical description

Scotch eye beam auger, with double twist and Lead screw.

Inscriptions & markings

Ridgway Sheffield