Historical information

This bank deposit book was used for financial deposits made between1932 and 1936. The funds were deposited into the Emergency Account of the Warrnambool Harbour Board, lodged at the Warrnambool Branch of the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited (CBC).

James Menzies, Pilot and Harbour Master from 1929, would have used this deposit book when he was appointed as Acting Secretary of the Warrnambool Harbour Board in 1932. He held this office until the Board ceased in 1936. Warrnambool’s CBC Manager during this time was L E Whitney; he was Manager from 1924 to 1939.

The Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited opened in 1893. On January 1, 1927 the CBC amalgamated with the Bank of Victoria. In 1981 the CBC merged with the National Bank of Australasia Limited and on January 1, 1983 the bank started using the abbreviated name of the National Australia Bank (NAB).

Warrnambool Harbour Board

The Warrnambool Harbour Board was constituted by Order of Council on May 29, 1928, under the Harbour Board’s Act of 1927, taking over from the Ports and Harbours Branch of the Public Works Department of Victoria.

The Board was then the only body with power to manage and control the whole Port, including shipping, facilities upkeep and improvements of the port. The work it carried out involved dredging, building of port facilities and drafting of port regulations, and collecting taxes, tolls, rates and charges.

The Board was officially dissolved on June 30, 1936, at which time the Public Works Department again had control.

The Warrnambool Harbour Board had rented out the Lighthouse Keeper’s Quarters from the 1920s until 1936, when the Board closed down. However, rentals continued with other currently unknown landlords until Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village opened in 1975 and began renovating the Cottage, in stages.


This financial record book is significant for its association with the historic financial records of the Warrnambool Harbour Board and relates to the maritime history of Warrnambool, in particular with the Port of Warrnambool.

Physical description

Warrnambool Harbour Board Emergency Account Book containing deposit receipts and blank forms for the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Limited. Rectangular book has buff coloured card covers, white pages with pre-printed text and lines and black tape binding on left side.
Inscriptions stamped on front cover, receipts and unused, pre-printed pages.
Approximately half of the pages have been filled in, and the deposit slips removed, leaving the receipt end attached to the book. There are two lose receipts stapled into the book.
Hand written receipts date from 21 JAN 1932 to 25 JULY 1936.

Inscriptions & markings

Also, each receipt has the bank's stamp with its details and the date on it.
Hand written details are on each completed receipt.