Historical information

The town of Tawonga is in the Kiewa Valley surrounded by farmland. It is adjacent to Mt Beauty (built in 1946), an SECV town built for the workers on the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme which was being constructed from 1911 to 1961. Tawonga consisted of essential amenities including a store, school, butter factory, sporting facilities, post office, hall and hotel. Activities involved sport, social get togethers eg. dances, fundraising, CWA etc.


The posters are a collection of historical photos, documentation and information regarding the history of the town of Tawonga,which is the centre of a farming community in the Kiewa Valley.

Physical description

Poster framed with thin black plastic strip, covered, by glass. Each one has a title re "Tawonga Remembers" and includes print and phtots in black and white. Black background.
1. Tawonga SEC Depot; 2. Tawonga Service Station circa 1940s; 3. George Johnston's Taxi Service; 4. Tawonga Motors 1950-60s