Historical information

Winter Service Dress Capt Linda Elliott, R.A.A.N.C
Refer Cat No 4308

Physical description

.1) Jacket, khaki wool/polyester with rank epaulettes 3 pips, white metal buttons, red lanyard.
.2) Shirt, light khaki polyester.
.3) Trousers khaki wool/polyester.
.4) Beret felt dark green colour with A.A.N.C badge.
.5) Belt, plastic webbing, khaki colour with metal clasp buckle.
.6) Tie wool khaki.
.7) .8) Socks wool khaki.

Inscriptions & markings

.1) Epaulettes on shoulder, Officer rank Capt R.A.A.N.C
.4) Beret badge, R.A.A.N.C