Historical information

ID 5225 note: Further information relating to allotments marked on the hand-drawn plan are included in ID 5224 - Ringwood Station Estate.

Physical description

Typewritten letter from A.V. Greenwood with hand drawn plan of Ringwood Shop and Dwelling Estate, detailed description of property for sale, and top and side elevation views of house. (7 pages)

Inscriptions & markings

(Transcript of first page - to unknown recipient)
Phone 988 Central, 331 Canty
Greenwood Pty. Ltd.
5 Flinders Street Melbourne.

Dear Sir,
1. Attached please find drawings of my house at Ringwood.
2. It is for sale at £4,865 or to let at £5 per week to an approved tenant.
3. I sold it to Mr. De Garis and vacated it, but it is now back on my hands.
4. I leased another place instead of living in my own. I may be able to cancel same; in the meantime, however, I propose to sell or let my own. The painters are now going through the place; re-varnishing, re-oiling and re-polishing so that in about five days it will look "spick and span".
5. The house was specially built under my own supervision.
6. It is very suitable for a high class Guest House, Doctor's residence, Hospital or Convalescent Home. If you know of anyone whom it might suit, please communicate with them.
7. It stands on 305 feet of land facing Greenwood Avenue. It is cement, roughcast and hardwood, well oiled, and is now being redone so that the house is as good as new; red tile roof; verandahs three sides; two sleep-outs; five bedrooms; large dining room; very large music room with nooks, upstairs lounge, study; sewing room; built-in wardrobes and cupboards throughout; handsome kitchen with handsome pantry cupboard with drawers and glass front; one bath room; one shower room; wash house with patent copper and laundry. Every modern convenience, hot water system (through copper pipes with large copper cylinder) electric lights everywhere, outside and in, Yan Yean water laid on everwhere throughout house and gardens. Floors throughout are the very best, close set, stained and polished; dainty lead light windows etc.
8. There is a big garage, with tiled roof and two rooms with all conveniences for a married couple. Property is well drained with a system of its own. The house stands upon the top of a hill close to Railway Station, say 500 feet from the Footbridge.
9. The garden has expansive shrubs; sheds; fernery; tennis court.
10. A handsome piece of furniture goes with the house; a combination pantry and storeroom for groceries, milk, bread etc., consisting of drawers, glass and wire doors, as mentioned above.
11. It is within easy distance of Melbourne as it is only two minutes from Ringwood Station, which is a frequent electric train service bringing it within 39 minutes of the City. It is thought better by some to go further out into the country atmosphere and walk a short distance at the end than to go by train 20 minutes then walk 15 to 20 minutes.
12. The price quoted of £4,865 is made up as follows -
305 feet of land @ £5 ... £1,515
Garage and dwelling ... £300
House hot water system, American cupboard ... £2,600
Water, fencing, sheds & drain ... £250
For the lot ... £4,865
Should you require copies of the enclosed drawings I shall be pleased to supply same.
13. Mr. J.B. McAlpin is the local agent, Phone Ring. 7 (after hours Ring. 44) or you may phone me Central 988.
14. The house is south of the line, facing Greenwood Avenue and immediately at the back of Ringwood House, which is also my property.
Yours sincerely,
A.V. Greenwood
(Transcript of second page)
See these letters on plan attached
(H.) Ringwood House and Shops on 100 by 150 feet of land fronting Bedford Road
100 feet @ £10 per foot - £1,000
House and shops - £2,400 ... £3,400
Ringwood House consists of Boarding House, (Phone 101) and two shops, mainly brick; 9 inch walls. Will carry another story. Has music room, dining room, entrance halls, 10 bedrooms, large verandahs, all conveniences, hot and cold water, and stands on what will become a most valuable business corner.
(F.)(G.) Mr. Greenwood's house, garage and sheds, stands on 307 feet of land fronting Greenwood Avenue. See detailed description attached ... £4,865
(J.) Cottage on Block 81 in William Street ... £750
(K.) Cottage in Pitt Street ... £650
(Total) £9,665
(Description of third page - Subdivision Plan)
Drawn by Edyth Greenwood, phone 988 Central. Subdivision includes Station Street, Pitt Street, Bedford Road, Wantirna Road, James Street, William Street (later Kendall Street), Greenwood Avenue, Ellison Street, and Haig Street. Circles denote blocks for sale. Squares denote house properties for sale. Other features marked include location of businesses along Main Street (Maroondah Highway), cool store, railway station, shop and police station on Bedford Road, church on Station Street, site of schoolmaster's residence and State School, and location of proposed public baths