Historical information

Ron White owned these jugs during his lifetime. Popular circa 1940s.


Ron White owned these jugs. See KVHS 1282

Physical description

1. Water Jug - tall glass jug with thin pale green 'plastic?' 'coating' wrapped around it. The cover has painted in colour -flowers and leaves. The lip is wavy with a clear plastic cover pulled over it. The handle is attached to the top half in the shape of an ear.The base is wider than the the top.Handblown.
2. Milk Jug - Unusual shaped small rectangular cream coloured jug with a handle at one end and a pouring lip at the opposite end. It sits on a four legged base and is decorated with coloured flowers and a cottage on each side.
3. Shaving Jug - Solid ceramic cream coloured jug with 7 holes in main area with a handle on one side and a pouring lip on the other. The jug is decorated with 3 small pictures of the countryside. The lip of the jug is defined in blue.

Inscriptions & markings

1. Nil
2. At the base: "Hampton/ Ivory/ Swinnertons / England"
3. At the base: "Empire / Ivory ware/ England" and embossed also at the base "261 / England / 12?"