Historical information

The celebration of people's lives was important in the small community of Mt Beauty.


Ron White was a popular resident of Mt Beauty. See KVHS 1282

Physical description

Memorial Service papers for Kiewa Valley residents with the surname of Newbound; McCullough; Peart; Addinsall; Hartley; Hamilton; Brown; Lebner; Hughes; Clutterbuck; Deans; White; Plant; Symons; Renshaw; Sauervein; Gray; Edmondson; Crowther; Peers; Crosby; Walter; Wilson; Moorman; La Fontaine; Sisarich; Talbot; Damm; Connors; Mills; McLean; Beissbarth; Churton; Sharpe; Prismall; Rogash; Clarke; Holford; Bates; Cooper; Glew; MacPherson; Napier; Mills; Ranton; Couch; Tye; Simsen; Hutchings/Plenderleith and for other celebrations:- Of the churches; baptisms; marriages;