Historical information

Mt Beauty Primary School commenced in 1948. At the time the Educational Aids / games were up to date and plentiful in the Primary grades. Educational aids continue to be updated along with technology.


Mt Beauty Primary School began with up to date equipment and teaching methods. This collection is an example of pre-computer equipment.

Physical description

Variety of educational games and aids including those for teaching Italian
1. La Tombola del flori
2. Ecco Pinocchio - illustrated by Edward Dyas
3. Children's Italian Dictionary by Franko Leoni
4. La Befana- Notes for Teachers - Produced by the Catholic Education Office of Victoria
5. Italy a brief outline
6. Orizzonti - April Edition 1995
7. Zucchero filato - illustrated by Edward Dyas
8. La tombola dei negozi
9.Variform Inset Placing Trays Set 1- Philograph Publications
10. Cubes for matching
11. Kitten Cards - A Child's Play Quartet
12. Symmetry & Reversal Pairing Cards Boxes 1,2 & 3 Philograph Publications
13. Picture Dominoes - Hoborn Productions 1980
14. Figura Shapes
15. Colour and Lay Shapes
16. Tessellations
17. Tangram x2
18. Compass - Mathematical instrument -wooden, large size to fit drawing a circle with chalk on a blackboard