Historical information

The Australian Health Society was formed in Melbourne in 1875 at the instigation of Unitarian Minister MarthaTurner. It promoted hygiene and comprised of doctors, prominent citizens and politicians. It targeted poorer districts and women. Schools were pressured to place health education on the curriculum. Society stalwarts made an annual examination in state schools.
Mongan's Bridge No. 3403 opened in 1902. It was located beside the Kiewa river and operated part-time with nearby schools on occasions as well as full time. As numbers fluctuated it was also closed on occasions and then re-opened.


Edward Maddison's family were farmers in the Kiewa Valley and the children attended the local school.

Physical description

Two certificates belonging to Edward Maddison
1. 1916 Pupil of State School No 3403 (Mongan's Bridge) - passed the Examination in Health and Temperance held by the Australian Health Society of Melbourne
2. 1916 Completed satisfactorily the Course of Study prescribed for Elementary Schools.- Mongan's Bridge Elementary School No. 3403