Historical information

Nissen Lodge was built by 1953 at Falls Creek. The first lodge at Falls Creek was built in 1947 by SECV staff members. By the 1954 Ski Season, Falls Creek Alpine Village had 10 club lodges, plus a ski tow house and a commercial lodge that both provided skier accommodation. Several other club lodges were under construction. The Nissen Alpine Club operated a rope tow with a 240m rise in altitude..Ski lessons were also available. Re: Tony and Skippy St Elmo Beveridge See KVHS 1113
By 1953, the SECV was issuing entry permits for private cars used by skiers with bookings in a Falls Creek lodge.


The Nissen Ski Lodge was one of the early ski lodges at Falls Creek. Toni St Elmo Beveridge was involved in the early development of skiing at Falls Creek including assisting with the building of the early lodges, and establishing the Nissen Ski School. See KVHS 1113.
The book was later used for visiors to the KVHS museum located in the old Tawonga South School.

Physical description

Deep red, bound, thick cardboard book with gold outline of Australia and 'Visitors" on the centre front. Many pages each with a column for Date, Name in Full and Address in Full. Written in ink and pencil both sides of each page with the first date being 14 - 6 - 1953 to 17th September 1960.
Entries follow from 1985 to 1994 when the closure of the display at the old South Tawonga Primary School is noted by the KVHS Secretary.
The book also has 'Tony & Skippy St Elmo Beveridge' on its cover page.