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Pioneer Family - Maggs

• James Maggs and wife Harriet Banfield migrated to Melbourne on the “Ticondergoa” which sailed from Birkenhead on 4th August 1852 with 812 assisted immigrants.
• In 1856 James purchased 7 acres of land, part of section 75, in the parish of Nunawading where he developed an orchard.
• Three children died young – Emma (before 1862), Jemima at Ticonderoga Bay and Mary Jane aged 3 weeks at Konung Creek. Three sons and a daughter survived them. Harriet died in 1875, James in 1888 both buried in Box Hill cemetery.
• Their sons Joseph, Samuel and James all established orchards in the Ringwood/Croydon district.

Samuel Maggs
• Born 11 May 1851, Somerset, England and grew up on his fathers property in Springfield Road, Blackburn, one block east of Surrey Road.
• On 4 October 1876 Sam married Eliza Ann Barnes.
• 1881 purchased a block, Allot. 39 Parish of Warrandyte and developed an apple and cherry orchard. The orchard occupied the area between White Horse Road and Mullum Mullum Creek from Oban Rd east to where White Horse Road takes a slight turn to the right, near Burnt Bridge.
• Son George b.28 December 1876 Warrandyte married Annie Smith d.9 May 1947.
• Daughter Eliza Jane b.27 July 1878 Ringwood married William Dobbin, d.31 May 1946 Camberwell.
• Son James b.15 May 1880, Lilydale married Catherine Atkins d.28 July 1940 Ringwood buried Box Hill.
• Daughter Jemima b.16 December 1881 Warrandyte married Edward Lindsay in 1905, d.2 November 1955 and buried in Box Hill.
• Daughter Jane b.22 May 1884 Warrandyte married Thomas S Knee in 1912 d.31 January 1971, buried at Box Hill.
• Son Samuel William b.1 Jan 1889 Ringwood married Mina Lillian Schuhkraft in 1911 d.15 Jan 1955 Ringwood.

Joseph Maggs
• Born 5 June 1845, Somerset England.
• Married Mary Ann Reid in April 1867 at Templestowe.
• Bought Sec. 26a, in Ringwood on the corner of Eastfield Road an Mt Dandenong Road in February 1870. Planted 4 acres with fruit treet. Was also a wood carter. During the 1880s white clay was mined here, which he carted for the Victorian Porcelain Clay Coy.
• Daughter Emma b.8 Jan 1868 Templstowe d. 3 August 1939, Richmond married May 1890 Fredrick W. McGinnis.
• Daughter Agnes b.16 June 1869 Templestowe married John D Miller c.1894. d.3 February 1912 Heathmont, buried Box Hill.
• Son Albert b.1 May 1871 Nunawading d.15 Nov 1893.
• Son Hubert b.10 May 1873 Nunawading married Isabella Atkins in 1898 Ringwood d.11 August Wagga Wagga and buried there.
• Daughter Harriet Annis b.13 August 1875 Box Hill d.21 Sept 1875.
• Son Joseph b.25 Septenber 1876 Box Hill d.3 Oct 1900 Mitcham.
• Daughter Harriet Annis b.18 Aug 1879, Ringwood married James R Miller d.8 May 1945.
• Son William b.3 Sep 1881 married Mary E Hardidge. D.6 April 1950 South Melbourne.
• Daughter Dora Jane Dulcie b.13 December 1883 Ringwood d.1973.
• Daughter Delia Rose b.20 February 1886, Ringwood married William J Sharkie d.30 October 1914

James Maggs
• Youngest (born 28 April 1862, Blackburn) and only Australian born son was also an orchardist.
• Married Marianne Hardidge in 1880 (divorced in 1906) purchased land in what is now Kalinda Road, adjoining Sam’s land.
• James lived with Teresa Shanks in the Hawthorn and Prahran districts and became a taxi driver. Died in 1925, buried at Box Hill. Marianne became a widwife who delivered over 500 babies in the area – was known as Nurse Polly Maggs, died in 1941 aged 81.
• Daughter Mary Ann Hase Polly b.5 July 1881 Ringwood married Thomas Lawford d.9 November 1961 buried at Box Hill.
• Daughter Jane Emma b.9 May 1883 Ringwood married Frederick Bloom 1910 d.28 July 1954.
• Daughter James John b.17 Jan 1885 Ringwood married Johanna Ida Edith Bloom in 1912 d.24 August 1962 buried at Box Hill.
• Daughter David Joseph b.31 Jan 1887 Ringwood married Violet Lepp married 1916, d.11 July 1966.
• Son Samuel Arthur b.11 March 1888 Ringwood married Bertha Anna Pump in 1913 d.7 August 1957.
• Son John William b.16 April 1890 Ringwood married Lillian Mabel May Smith in 1909 d.18 February 1959 Cobram.
• Daughter Eliza Anne b.6 March 1892 Ringwood d.April 18 1892.
• Son Robert Thomas b.7 March 1893 Ringwood married Edith E Britnell in 1919 d.12 March 1981 buried Box Hill.
• Son Albert Edward b.12 April 1895 Ringwood married Florence Sarah Pearce in 1918 d.30 January 1976 buried at Springvale.
• Daughter Evaleen Victoria b.28 Aug 1897, Ringwood married Sydney Till married 1920 d.5 September 1989 buried at Box Hill.
• Daughter Harriet Banfield Chrissy b.14 December 1899 Ringwood d.28 Dec 1979 buried Box Hill.

Jane Maggs
• Born 19 December 1858 in Blackburn. Died 5 July 1926 buried at Box Hill. Married William Cook and had one child, Harriet Amy Cook who never married and lived in Whitehorse Road, Mitcham until her death in 1962.

Physical description

This is the parent record for the archives collection of the Maggs family in the Ringwood area.