THE DOLL HOUSE _ Yvonne Fitzmaurice

The ten room fully furnished American farmhouse was created from an idea by former Mitcham resident, Yvonne Fitzmaurice and was constructed between 1976 and 1978 as a birthday present for her daughter, Susan.
The house is a unique interpretation of early American architecture and inferior design. IT is also a representation of oe woman's ability to create and complete a details snapshot of a lifestyle long gone and give pleasure to family, friends and now the community.
Yvonne has had an interesting and ful life, born in New Zealand where was a State Registered Nurse and Maternity Nurse she specialised in hospital theatre work.
Later her curiosity bought her to Australia where she worked at the Sydney hospital and with the Australia Flying Doctors service flying in and out of Wilcannia. western New South Wales.
On returning to New Zealand Yvonne acted as part of a Medical cover team for the different armed services. one session in the Nary involved pursuing submarines which she described as being very exciting.
In 1958 she travelled by sea through the Suez Canal to England and as a member of British Services served in the post WWII Germany for three year in the QARANC and also worked at The London Clinic with some high-profile specialists.
Yvonne was introduced to her husband to be at a tennis party and they lived in Cambridge, UK, where their two children, Alastair and Susan, were born.
On coming to Australia in 1965 as "£10 poms" (Yvonne's words) she worked in casualty at the Box Hill hospital, initially the family lived at Blackburn South before moving to Mitcham in 1968.
To help establish a new life with her family in Australia, Yvonne worked in many different positions from nursing, machie knitting for a Prahran shop, making Christmas Cards and as a commercial traveller. As a hobby she also sold a number of pastel paintings.
Following the publishing of her first family history in 1094, Yvonne became a member and volunteer at the Whitehorse Historical Society where she has contributed in producing local history publication, articles for the Newsletter and has improve access to the files by creating the detailed "green files".
Her interests include art, crafts and writing.
Yvonne has a great philosophy, 'each day I must achieve something - no matter how small'.nN

Physical description

Hand-made child's doll's house. Built by Mrs Yvonne Fitzmaurice and finished in 1979. This house was built as a 1:12 scale and is a model of a Californian house called Pepperpot farm. House was built by Yvonne and her family and took a period of three years. A lot of the furniture is handmade and the rest is collected from various shops.

Inscriptions & markings

"Susan Fitzmaurice" name on front of building. Date on plaque on top of front wall.