Historical information

These are theatre tickets issued to those attending a Naval Band Concert at the Warrnambool Town Hall on November 18th 1961.
The Warrnambool Town Hall, opened in 1891, was located at the corner of Timor and Liebig Streets and is now in the same precinct as the Lighthouse Theatre.


These tickets are of minor interest as examples of local theatre tickets used sixty years ago.

Physical description

75 Blue rectangular shaped tickets serrated line on left side , 72 Orange rectangular shaped tickets, serrated line on left side with printing on both packs

Inscriptions & markings

W'bool Town Hall
STALLS STALLS Naval Band Concert. Sat. Nov. 18th 3 G

Town Hall, Warrnambool STALLS
This Portion for Doorkeeper' NAVAL BAND CONCERT
Saturday, November 18th, '61 3 G