Historical information

School Council, Members of Staff, Editorial, Fumes from the Lab, Ancient Craft Classes and the Apprenticeship Question, Magazine Editorial Staff, The Trip to Bradshaw's Creek, Arts & Crafts Gossip, In Memoriam - E. J. Cannon, Echoes of the Past, The Haunted Tram Car, Old Boys', Sport, Shun!! Military Notes, The Junior Techs

Physical description

Blue soft covered magazine of 62 pages.

Former students mentioned are John Walter Sutherland, Basil Sawyer, Charles Burbury, Herbert Sleeman, Eustace M. Watson. Oliver E. Jaeger, Oliver e. Jager, Godfrey Stephen Hart, Lionel J. Lambert, Charles G. Fraser, L.W.G. Buchner-Malcolm, James A. Reid, Richard G. Walker, Leslie J. Coulter, Herbert E. Hawkesworth, Leslie de Jersey Grut, Frederick G. Brisnden, Reginald Callister, Lewis J. Westcott, Angus D. Gibson, Henry Whittingham, Virgil Tucker, Norman C. Tinworth, Charles E. Finnis, Benjamin H. Bennett, Valentine G. Anderson, Ernest S. Anderson, Ralph I. Moore, John A. Grant, William Geldard, Francis C. Hall, Harold G. Cornell, Robert H. Lamb, Sydney Radcliff, George A. Denny. Frederick P. Paul, H. Lipson Hancock, Edgar C. Hurdsfield, David W. Bonar. Wilfred L. Allen, William J. Lakeland, Frederick A. Marriott, Eric Byron Moore, NOrman Stuckey, PErcy H. Osborne, John F. Sporn