Historical information

John S. Irvine was a resident of Peterborough and one of the original trustees of the present golf club. He died in 1999.
Rod Calvert's house (on the corner of Blair & Schomberg) was used as the clubhouse, prior to the purchase of the current clubhouse.


This photograph is significant for two reasons: it depicts the second hole plus some of the off shore rocks as they were in 1999.
Mainly this is significant as John Irvine, along with N. R. Calvert, & P. G. Clark, guaranteed a loan in 1972 for the purchase of the land and building which are now the golf clubhouse. Until the Hall was built, this clubhouse was the meeting point for the community, and continues to be for many events. This photo was donated in his memory and in appreciation for his long service to the Peterborough Golf club

Physical description

24 inch x 40 inch framed photograph of the second hole, Peterborough and a framed photo of John S. Irvine

Inscriptions & markings

Printed title, photographers signature and copyright statement on the front. Plaque is inscribed: Donated in memory of John S. Irvine who helped create and loved this course and was a respected long serving member of this club.