Historical information

Honour Board in memory of Ross "Snow" Murfett, who died in 1983, aged 33 and who's family and friends holidayed in Peterborough. His mates played an informal competition, in Timboon the first year, but thereafter at Peterborough. The tournament grew in popularity among his mates until the Golf Club incorporated it into their program and it became an annual event open to all.It is still popular with Snow's friends.


1984 Paul Irving 2002 John Brown
1985 Eddie Arundell 2003 Frank Carlin
1986 Paul Togni 2004 Chris Farrelly
1987 Ned Ryan 2005 Bernard Moloney
1988 John Carlin 2006 Bruce Hallows
1989 Ned Ryan 2007 Bernie Kenna
1990 Kerry Clarke 2008 Bruce Flanders
1991 John Carlin 2009 Wayne Johnstone
1992 John Carlin 2010 Michael Heffernan
1993 Brooke Salmon 2011 Noah Mounsey
1994 Frank O’Connor 2012 Darren Little
1995 George Smith 2013 Eric Burchell
1996 Brooke Salmon 2014 James McKenzie
1997 Greg Ryan 2015 Sarah Case
1998 Greg Ryan 2016 James McKenzie
1999 Geoff Smith 2017 Brendan Hickey
2000 Bob Loader 2018 Stephen Vaughabn
2001 David Rogers


Significant as it is in memory of a family who have been visiting Peterborough since the 1940's. Also, many current homeowners and visitors were friends with Snow.

Physical description

3 ft x 6ft, timber honour board with gold printing

Inscriptions & markings

Inscribed in gold "donated by Glen and Alison Christian" with gold printing listing the event winners from 1984