Historical information

Stone mileposts dating from the 1870s are found on the Glenelg Highway. Stone and iron mileposts are now a rarity, and have remanining markers have become a tourist attaction in many smaller towns with remnant markers. The stone mileposts on the Glenelg Highway are listed on the Victorian Heritage Reigister as being significant to the State of Victoria. Their primary purpose is to inform the travelling public of distances and directions to various destinations.

The stone milepost in the current City of Ballarat are located on the Glenelg Highway (between Ballarat and
Scarsdale), Smythes Creek and Delacombe, and have been registered by Heritage Victoria, (HO155)

Other stone mileposts are located In Golden Plains Shire at Smythesdale (Victorian Heritage Register H1701)

Metrication in Australia caused former mile markers to be gradually replaced with 10 km markers on highways and country roads, which are referred to as "kilometre plates".

Physical description

Colour photograph of a stone mile post on between Ballarat, Scarsdale and Linton