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Professor of Art Linda Nochlin, and critic and art historian Thomas B. Hess respond to the question "Why have there been no great women artists?'. Nochlin writes of 'the women question' in art and beyond, addressing barriers in education and art schools negating full participation or studying the nude, the limiting definitions of 'greatness', domestic demands and class, and maintains it is the institutional structures that are the key to equality, and it is these which should be challenged and reformed. Hess addresses wrong attribution, the studio system, the relative freedoms in the Middle Ages before the Renaissance emphasised the male genius ideal and self confidence. Ten replies from artists follow, mainly responding to Nochlin's treatise. Elizabeth Baker, writes the final essay, charting the changes in regards to representation including issues surrounding quotas, recognition, the debates surrounding the contested definitions of female and feminist artists.and the frequent lack of support by female dealers, critics and curators.