Historical information

This promotional film made in the early 1950s in Melbourne.

An article for the Herald, Saturday 27 December 1952, page 9, mentions the screening of a Cinesound short about the world's merchant fleets and the Missions to Seamen. An illuminated light house beside the ship - a £5000 model of an ocean-going cargo ship on display at the State Theatre for a week - was a collection box for the work of the mission.

Flying Angel flag.
Padre Oliver with flyer from the Flying Angel Club on a ship visit.
Crew on a ship.
Clubs at the Port Melbourne, Williamstown, and Melbourne.
Activities: dances, outings. boxing, movies.
Ladies from the Harbour Lights Guild.
Motorbus donated by Prahran Patriotic Funds
The Cruel Sea, by Nicholas Montsarrat was published in 1951.


The documentary was shown for a week at the State Theatre along with a £5000 model of an ocean-going cargo ship was on display and visitors could donate money in a box in a shape of a lighthouse.

Physical description

Promotional doucmentary produced in 1951 presenting the different activities of the Mission. The 3 buildings are depicted.