Historical information

The company R. Fowler Limited was established in Sydney, in 1837 when Enoch Fowler (1807-1879) came to Australia from Ireland and is known today as the oldest pottery still in operation in Australia. They were mostly known for producing bottles, jars, and pipes. The pottery was originally located at Abercrombie Place on Parramatta Street, Chippendale, NSW before they relocated to Glebe in 1847. Later the pottery manufactured building materials such as tiles, pipes, and chimney pots. As the business grew, they moved to Parramatta in the 1850s. Enoch's son Robert (1839-1906) had joined the company, and took over its management in 1873, changing the name to “R Fowler Sydney” in 1880. Robert opened further sites at Marrickville and Bankstown, with the company becoming R. Fowler Limited in 1919. The factory at Thomastown, Melbourne was opened in 1927 from which time the trademark on this bowl was used.


An item made by an Australian company during the first half of the 20th century. The item is significant as it gives a snapshot of the early development of manufacturing companies in Australia. It is typical of kitchenware used throughout Australia during the early 20th century

Physical description

A small Fowler Ware mixing bowl produced by R. Fowler Ltd. Thomastown, Victoria with Maker's mark clearly imprinted underneath the bowl.

Inscriptions & markings

Set in circle underneath the bowl "R. FOWLER LTD./ THOMASTOWN/VIC"