Historical information

Kande Kitchenware was established by Patrick Kavanagh and William English in 1922. The name Kande was formed from their initials, K and E. It had its Sydney factory in Little Collins Street, Surrey Hills. Kavanagh and English, a subsidiary of Kande Kitchenware, became a limited company in 1924, with both founders as directors. Another director was Test cricketer Jack Gregory, an all-rounder who slipped easily into the role of businessman. Gregory enjoyed success in business as on the cricket field, helping the company grow from a tiny operation to a major manufacturer and exporter that employed 80 people in 1931. They produced a wide range of utensils including cake tins, pastry cutters, pans and baking dishes. They managed to survive the difficulties of the Depression and were listed as a public company in 1949. Kande Kitchenware Ltd were taken over by Hackshalls Limited 6 July 1960.


An appliance made by an early and successful Australian company which manufactured metal kitchen items during the first half of the 20th century. Th.ese utensils were widely used throughout Australia

Physical description

Flour sifter manufactured by KANDE Australia. The sifter / sieve is made of metal with a wire mesh and is decororated with images of other kitchen utensils and ingredients. It has a spring-loaded handle to which would be squeezed to operate the internal sifting mechanism.

Inscriptions & markings

At botton of illustrations on one side "Kande AUSTRALIA"