Historical information

Pleasant Creek & Newington, Prince Patrick, Prince Alfred, Pioneer and Galatea, Pleasant Creek Cross Reef No. 1&2, Magdala, Old Shaft, Extended Cross Reef, Crown Cross, Great Northern, Sloanes & Scotchmans, South Cross, 10 & 11 United Scotchmans South Cross, Scotchmans Shafts, North Scothmans, West Scotchmans, Emerald Isle & Rose of Denmark, Albion, South Scotchmans, Newington & Pleasant Creek, Pleasant Creek Cross Reef, Moonlight, Extended Cross Reef, Crown cross United, Great Northern Shaft

Physical description

Very large Map on cloth backing, showing cross sections of mines.

Inscriptions & markings

Surveyed by H.C. Bates. Drawn by Arthur Edwards.
October 30th 1879.
Scales 120 feet to an inch