Physical description

A green covered bound volume published c1924 to support students who were preparing for examinations for Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England. This series of books were used widely is Australia, particulary in the private school system. This copy has some underlining of phrases and hand-written notes in the margins.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

In the centre of front cover the logo of George Gill & Sons. Handwritten on the top right corner "W.J. Hamilton-Smith/Grammar School/Albury/N.S.W."


George Gill (April 1, 1836 - November 24, 1901) was a Liverpool and London based schoolmaster and educational publisher active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Gill began his career as an educated schoolmaster who, recognizing a shortage of good educational materials, began publishing in Liverpool in 1864. He transferred the company to London in 1879, becoming a limited company under the imprint of George Gill and Sons. In time the firm was taken over by his sons, George Reginald Gill (1862 - and Claude Edward Gill (August 30, 1872 - August 16, 1960). The firm published books and maps for schoolrooms. Under the Gill family the educational publishing firm prospered until closing its doors in 1941. The firm was based at Minerva House, no.12 Warwick Lane, London. This book was owned and used by William John Hamilton-Smith when attending the Grammar School in Albury, New South Wales and is part of the Hamilton-Smith Collection.