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Quotation from back cover- "Bushman, farmhand, artist, metropolitan fireman, decorated soldier, soldier settler, POW commandant. At ease in the company of the King or the common man, Albert Chalmers Borella VC did it all. This is his remarkable life story. " In 1918 Albert Borella (1881-1968) led a platoon in an attack to straighten the front line beyond Villers-Bretonneux, from which a major British offensive was to be launched a few weeks later. While ahead of his troops, he single-handedly captured a machine-gun. Then, after clearing a trench and dug-outs, he inspired his men to hold out during heavy enemy counter-attacks. Borella had earlier received the Military Medal and been Mentioned in Despatches. Although he had enlisted in Townsville (from Darwin), after the war he lived in Victoria as a farmer. Borella also served in the Second World War, and afterwards settled in Albury, New South Wales where he passed away on 07 February 1968. This extensive biography documents his background and life achievements.