Historical information

Significant historical importance during the Vietman War-era. These HUEY'S were responsible for saving thousands of injured and distressed military personnel.

Dustoff was donated to the Dandenong RSL by the United States in September 2003.

Dustoff is a Iroquois UH - 11v ( a modified UH - 1D ) she was fully restored when donated. They were a highly manoeuvrable aircraft.


Very important. Huey saved lives. Dustoff is a local attraction bringing many people to view it.

Physical description

Ex U.S Military helicopter. Dustoff or CASEVAC - fitted out to evacuate wounded soldiers during the Vietnam War.

These helicopters were commonly called "Hueys".

Inscriptions & markings

Large Red Cross on front. Left hand side - UNITED STATES ARMY 73 - 21763 USAR. Red Cross with 763 enclosed and small Vietnamese Flag.

Right hand side - Red Cross with 763 enclosed small Australian Flag RAAF with Kangaroo. Tailfin RHS A2-767 over red, white and blue flag representing New Zealand.