Historical information

This military jacket is an Australian military Chaplain's jacket. It has three 'pips' on the epaulets.

The four-sided "star" or "pip" has been used to designate officer rank in the British and Australian armies for many years and is a stylized version of the very elaborate star of the Knight Grand Cross of the military division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, one of Great Britain's four senior orders of knighthood. The original badge contains the motto "Tria Juncta in Uno", which means "Three Joined in One", and refers to the union of the three kingdoms of the British Isles (England/Wales, Scotland and Ireland). https://corregidor.org/acgq/web_redirect_3628.3645.8883/forum_pages/omh_1104.html

Physical description

Black wool belted jacket with four Australian Military Forces brass buttons and pleated breast pockets and front pockets. The jacket has epaulets with three pips, or rank insignia, and an Australian Military Forces button. The belt has a brass buckle and has leather tabs at the back which are buttoned to a fabric carrier to keep the belt in place.