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Green hard covered book.

Plate 1 is a signed image of Claus Gronn. Another plate depucts Claus Smed, and Dr Preshaw's tent in Castlemaine.

With the book is some cutting, including 'Cuttings from various journals about Claus Gronn and HIs Memoirs by Jens Lyng, as well as hair samples from Margaret Billyeald, Gladstone Procter's second wife. There is also a family tree, and a copy of the details on the Horsfall family from the family bible.

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From the age of 23, Claus Gronn kept a diary/account book to record his daily events and expenditures. In his old age, he used his diary to compile a book, all written in Danish, for his family detailing his many adventurers as a sailor and a gold-digger and his visits to his home-town of Mels as an old man. Eleven copies were printed, one for each of his surviving children. The book was later translated and published by Claus' grand-daughter, Cora McDougall, in the book "Gold, Gold! Diary of Claus Gronn, A Dane on the Diggings". <br/><br/>Claus Grönn (1832-1909) was born in Mels, Oksbol Sogn, Schleswig (then still a part of Denmark), the son of blacksmith Claus Mathiesen Gronn. He married Mary Ann Priestley Horsfall at Newstead, Victoria, in 1856. <br/><br/>Claus was sent to sea at the age of 14, returning two years later when he took part in the first Schleswig war between Prussia and Denmark as a cadet in the Danish Marine Service. He spent the next four years at sea sailing to Iceland, Russia, Spain and British Guinea. Adopting an anglicised name, Charles Edward Sinclair (which he used until his marriage in 1856 when he resumed his own names), Claus' last voyage was destined for Australia. On June 10, 1854, on board the Koh-i-noor, Claus arrived in Sandridge (now known as Port Melbourne), Victoria.<br/><br/>Deciding to try his luck in the goldfields Claus Gronn hoped to earn enough money to be able to return to Denmark with a certain wealth. He purchased some basic tools, he walked 100 km to the Mount Alexander goldfields, trying his luck at Campbell's Creek. He went into partneship with another Dane, Peter Hansen.<br/><br/>On 30 September 1909 Claus Gronn died aged 77, at his farm "Leavoldston" located north of Oakleigh, and is buried in the Burwood Cemetery.