Historical information

The Peterborough Power Boat Club was formed "on an indoors sort of day" during the summer of 1946/1947 in the bar of the old pub (The Peterborough Hotel). There was an annual race, which was a bit of fun, not a serious race. The race was called The Schomberg Cup (which then evolved into a golf tournament) and varied from a single unhandicapped lap around some marker buoys to the highest aggregate score from a series of three handicapped heats.
The night before a Calcutta was held at the Hotel at which well dressed patrons all bet on the winning crew.
The event ceased probably due to the aging of the main instigators.


This is significant because it was a much anticipated annual event involving the whole township, anyone with a boat entered. Also, it somehow evolved into the annual golf tournament The Schomberg Cup

Physical description

Handmade poster in a wooden frame which include text and photographs