Historical information

Nineteenth century reports of the Unveiling of the Stoddart Statues in the BBG.


Exactly what happened by a firsthand observer.

Physical description

10 pages of photocopied newspaper articles from 2 Ballarat newspapers

Inscriptions & markings

1. The Courier, May 24, 1884. in pencil. Beginning of article dotted in green. 2. Courier, Monday, May 26,1884. 3 pages. p.2, 2 asterisks in biro.p.3, 1 asterisk in biro. 3. Courier, Monday, May 26, 1884. From the Ballarat Municipal Library, Sept. 2003. 1 asterisk in biro. 4.3pages.The Ballarat Star, May 26, 1884. 2names in biro, Sue McKeegan and Peter Mansfield. 5. The Ballarat Star, 26/5/84, p2. in biro, 2 copies.