Historical information

The Commercial Club, located on Dean Street is in the heart of Albury’s business and shopping district. It began on 7th May 1902, when 11 men met in the rooms of the Border City Club to form a new club. Auctioneer John Chenery chaired the meeting and in June was elected foundation president.
Membership fees were set at one guinea ($2.10). The name Commercial Club was adopted, and the Club was founded as a professional and business gentlemen’s only club. A pub called the Salutation Inn and the blacksmith’s forge of Johnny McEachern once stood on the Club’s Dean Street frontage. The Club secured the site in 1935 and built the Wool Exchange on the frontage and the club behind.Peak business came during regular wool sales in the Wool Exchange, which remained part of the Club premises until 1978. The Club survived crises, including in 1916 when the whole committee was replaced.
Commercial Club membership was not opened to anyone under 21 until 1997, though the voting age in Australia had been lowered to 18 in 1973. A special disco tavern for 18–21-year-olds operated briefly in 1986. By 1972 there were 800 male members. It now has almost 30,000 members both male and female and employs almost 300 staff.


This badge is representative of the role played by licensed clubs in the local community.

Physical description

A blue and silver enamelled membership badge issued by the Commercial Club Albury, NSW for the year 1980-81

Inscriptions & markings

Around the centre of the badge: "COMMERCIAL CLUB ALBURY"
On small disc added to badge:"80/81"