Historical information

Both these ribbons have been produced to celebrate anniversaries of two Warrnambool State Schools.
Allansford State School celebrated its 125th Anniversary in 1981. This school was opened in 1855 as a National School and is still operating. It has the distinction of being State School No. 3 in Victoria.
Warrnambool State School celebrated its centenary in 1976. It opened in 1876 following the closure of the four Common Schools in Warrnambool This school is still operating.


These ribbons are school souvenirs and may have been intended as book marks.

Physical description

.1 Green cloth ribbon with gold printing. The edges at both ends are serrated. There are some scroll patterns on the sides.
.2 Gold coloured ribbon with brown printing and serrated edges at both ends.

Inscriptions & markings

.1 ALLLANSFORD STATE SCHOOL NO 3 125th ANNIVERSARY 1855 -1980 1856- 1981
.2 Warrnambool Primary School No. 1743 Centenary Year 1976