Historical information

This is an early 20th century example of a chronograph, a watch with stopwatch functions. Chronographs date from the early 19th century and were used particularly in aviation, astronomy, diving, automobile and other racing contests and artillery firing and with more sophisticated designs are still used today.


This item has no known local provenance but is retained for display purposes because of its age and its exceptional quality

Physical description

This is a chronograph, a display watch which also has a stopwatch function. It has a white face with black markings and Roman numerals and a gauge around the outer circle with numbers from 0 to 300. The face is covered with a glass frame. One hand and its pin are loose in the glass. The watch case is gold-coloured with a heavy ornamental pattern around the sides. At the top of the case is a ring for attaching the watch to a chain or belt. The button on the side for working the stop watch mechanism no longer functions.

Inscriptions & markings

Celebrated Chronograph
Specially Examined
Swiss Made